What is SkulptFOOD?

“Good health is balancing your food input with your activity output.”

SkulptFOOD is a revolutionary lifestyle program that helps you attain peak health through great-tasting, nutritionally balanced food – delivered straight to your home or office.

We take it personally.

There is no one else like you, and we love it! Your nutritional requirements are going to be different to anyone else’s, and we’re all about giving you what you need – a service tailored to you, not a carbon copy of someone else’s diet.

SkulptFOOD personalises the exact quantity of food you receive to meet your needs, and helps you develop healthy, positive eating habits. It’s all about you – and we take it personally.

It’s about healthy, not skinny.

Most trend diets focus on weight loss, and that’s why they’re just that – trends. They’re unlikely to deliver any long-term results, because they focus on just one part of a very complex system – the human body.

SkulptFOOD focuses on achieving good health overall – not just a smaller jean size. As your health improves, your weight will automatically adjust to the right level for your body.

You are what you eat.

You choose what you put into your body. While you have plenty of options, ask yourself – is this meat fresh? Have these ingredients been locally sourced? Do I know what is in my meal?

SkulptFOOD has been operating in the nutritional food industry since 2001. Our ingredients are sourced and delivered daily, and our meals are cooked and prepared daily. We don’t do frozen – our ingredients are fresh and nutritional.